Explanation of the yearly renewal

A copy of AccuBarcode software products automatically turns itself to demo mode after one year starting from the day it got activated. Reminding messages start coming out one month before the actual expiration every time the program is invoked. Explanation: Instead of selling updaters in some irregular ways, AccuBarcode Pro sales takes an updating scheme that the users can enjoy the latest and greatest version of the software all the time during its subscription periods, meaning that they get noticed by the software whenever a new update is available online and they can download it to get the software updated for free. This scheme ensures that the users have the software running properly and create barcodes correctly all the time under the changing industrial barcoding standards and computer systems. We learn too many lessons that customers created wrong barcodes under new standards and could not run the software properly under new computer systems. We have too many customers and the software supports too many standards and runs under multiple computer platforms so that it is impossible to notify a change to all necessary customers when the change comes out. We charge a small fee (See Price List) for the cost of our continuous revision development. People who paid for the first purchase only means that they have paid for the first year, not for the automatic updates after that year.